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TOKE's Ultimate Stoner Playlist: Top 5 Tracks for Your Session

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Marijuana and music — a match made for TOKE!

Ready to amplify your TOKE pre-roll experience? Music and cannabis go hand in hand, and we've compiled the ultimate stoner playlist to complement your session. These five tracks, spanning genres and decades, are the perfect backdrop for enjoying TOKE's finest. Light up, tune in, and let these songs elevate your moment.

  • "Because I Got High" – Afroman Embrace the lighter side of cannabis with Afroman's iconic track. It's a humorous take on those laid-back, hazy days. Perfect for enjoying a TOKE pre-roll, this song adds a touch of humor to your chill session.

  • "Smoke Two Joints" – Sublime Sublime's reggae rhythm is a tribute to indulgence and good times. It's a sing-along anthem that pairs perfectly with sharing a TOKE pre-roll among friends. Let the smooth vibes flow!

  • "Legalize It" – Peter Tosh Peter Tosh combines advocacy with groove in this reggae classic. As you savor your TOKE pre-roll, reflect on the journey toward cannabis legalization and the legends who paved the way.

  • "Sweet Leaf" – Black Sabbath Dive into the heavier side of rock with Black Sabbath's tribute to cannabis. "Sweet Leaf" is an ode to the plant we love, ideal for those moments when you want to intensify your TOKE pre-roll experience with some classic metal.

  • "Hits from the Bong" – Cypress Hill Cypress Hill's smooth rhymes and rhythmic beats celebrate the bong, but feel just as right when enjoying a TOKE pre-roll. It's a chill track to match your relaxed state.

With this epic playlist, you're all set for a musically enhanced TOKE experience. Each track is selected to complement the smooth, rich taste of TOKE pre-rolls, ensuring your session is as melodious as it is memorable. So sit back, light up, and let these legendary tunes take you on a euphoric journey!


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