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Quatro Killa #



Introducing Quatro Killa #2 - our Designer Blended Fusion joint that's the ultimate rotation of Cheetah Piss's turbocharged energy, Macnanna's perfect balance, Ballerz #29's pure relaxation, and Purple Punch's regal bliss. This ain't your ordinary joint, it's a curated experience, a symphony of flavors and effects that'll keep your senses guessing. It's the rotation of the heavy hitters, a journey through the best of the best. With every puff, you're on a different wavelength - from the cheetah's sprint to a mellow mac, then chilling like a baller and finally drifting into purple bliss. It's a rollercoaster for your taste buds and a vacation for your mind. So, elevate your joint game and let the rotation begin!


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