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Consistency and Quality: The TOKE Joints Promise

Experience the consistency, quality, and variety of TOKE Joints. Revolutionize your pre-roll experience today!

For consumers in the cannabis world, consistency, quality, and unique experiences are essential determinants of satisfaction. This is how TOKE Joints, since 2016, has been setting new standards in the preroll market. Our specially crafted rolls aren't cones; instead, they are the same diameter all the way, promising an utterly unique and reliable experience. What's more, every TOKE Joint is crutch-tipped and guaranteed to burn evenly, so every smoke is just as good as the last.

A Variety of Strains with Designer Blends

At TOKE Joints, we understand that a quality smoke isn't one-size-fits-all. Every smoker has a personal preference, and we cater to all. Whether you enjoy the uplifting and energetic effects of Sativa, the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of Indica, the balanced nature of Hybrids, or the exotic experience from a Purple or Fusion strain, we've got you sorted. Our prerolls not just deliver potent smoke, they also introduce you to a full spectrum of experiences, perfect for any occasion, mood, or preference.

Packaged for Convenience and Novel Experiences

Every pack of TOKE Joints brings convenience to your fingertips, literally. Our prerolls come in a pack of three, perfect whether you're a frequent smoker, a social smoker or you simply enjoy the occasional puff. This packaging also allows you to sample a variety of our single strain and designer blend prerolls easily. By choosing TOKE Joints, you choose easy enjoyment, seamless convenience, superlative quality, and ultimately, a new future for prerolls.


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