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Curb the Curiosity: TOKE Prerolls Pricing Guide

Explore TOKE prerolls pricing and discover a world of quality, variety, and convenience in every puff.

Looking for a preroll that offers not just convenience but also a premium and consistent cannabis experience? Say hello to TOKE Joints. Launched in 2016, TOKE Joints provides you with single strain or designer blend prerolls, offering you the liberty to choose from Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, and even exotic varieties like Purple and Fusion.

What's in a TOKE Preroll?

Unlike most prerolls in the market, TOKE Joints are not cones, they are rolled to be the same diameter throughout, promising an even-burning, dependable experience every time. Adding to the quality, each TOKE preroll is crutch-tipped, which means a smoother draw for you. Every pack comes with three pristine prerolls, making it handy and effortless for all your moments.

What Does it Cost to TOKE?

Now on to the point you've been waiting for - the cost of TOKE prerolls. The pricing guide for TOKE prerolls is designed around you, the cannabis connoisseur who values quality, variety, and convenience. While cost varies depending on the strain and blend chosen, TOKE Joints aim to offer a perfect balance between a superior smoking experience and value for money.

Why Choose TOKE Prerolls


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