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Dive into the World of Preroll Joints with TOKE

Experience quality and convenience with TOKE's single strain and blend prerolls. Perfect for diverse tastes.

Unwrapping the TOKE Experience

Preroll enthusiasts have a reason to cheer – meet TOKE Joints! Established in 2016, we've been specializing in creating not only single strain prerolls but also uniquely crafted designer blended prerolls. Our prerolls aren't like the traditional cone-shaped joints you're used to, these are crafted to offer a consistent diameter all through. This design ensures a uniform burn, offering you a steady, reliable experience every time you light one up.

Keeping Up with Your Preferences

Understanding that preroll lovers can have different preferences and experiences, we have crafted a range of options just for you. Choose from Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, Purple, and Fusion prerolls. Each option catered to deliver an experience unlike any other. Whether it's the energy-lifting Sativa, relaxing Indica, balanced Hybrid, or bold Purple and Fusion, we have something for everyone.

Simplifying Preroll Usage with Crutch Tips

Keeping ease of use and convenience central to our preroll design, every TOKE preroll comes with a crutch tip. Not only does this ensure an even burn, but it also aids in effortlessly drawing on the joint. Each pack comes with three prerolls – perfect for sharing or for those days when you want to indulge a little more. So, welcome to a world where the preroll experience is not just about the quality of cannabis, but also about the art and science of preroll crafting. Welcome to the world of TOKE.


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