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Experience Unmatched Quality with TOKE Prerolls

Indulge in TOKE Prerolls. Superior single strain and designer blend prerolls for a unique, reliable experience.

TOKE Joints are household names amongst preroll enthusiasts across the country, and for good reason. Since their establishment in 2016, they’ve honed their skills, using state-of-the-art technology and quality herb to curate their unique line of products. Tailored to meet diverse needs and preferences, TOKE brings to the table a variety of options including the much sought-after Sativa, dependable Hybrids, calmy Indicas, stimulating Purples, and invigorating Fusions. If you're looking for a reliable, fun, and quality pre-roll, your search ends here.

Experience the Future of Prerolls

BEYOND being convenient, TOKE prerolls offer another value – a unique design that sets them apart from the mainstream prerolls you find in the market. They aren't designed like the traditional cones that are wider at the tip and narrow down towards the bottom. TOKE prerolls are crafted with the same diameter all the way through, providing an even and smooth burning experience. This design not only enhances the quality of each puff but also ensures a reliable experience each time, making every TOKE preroll an experience to remember.

Making the Case for TOKE’s Crutch-tipped Prerolls

Moving further up the quality ladder, TOKE prerolls are crutch-tipped. A crutch, or a filter, at the end of the preroll greatly enhances the overall smoking experience. It prevents the weed from getting into your mouth, helps maintain the shape and integrity of the preroll, allows you to enjoy every bit of your herb without burning your fingers, and promises a smooth, consistent puff from start to finish. Each pack comes with three of these carefully crafted, even-burning prerolls. For Beautiful evening get-togethers, spontaneous adventures or solo sessions, TOKE has got you covered!


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