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Getting it Right: How to Smoke a TOKE Preroll

Experience the convenience & quality of TOKE Prerolls. Learn the proper way to light & enjoy our smooth, even-burning joints.

What sets TOKE Prerolls apart is their consistency in diameter. Unlike traditional cones, the diameter is the same all along the length. This not only offers the advantage of a dependable experience but also lends to an easy-to-master smoking technique. It's essential to understand how to smoke these innovatively designed pre-rolls to get the best experience. Here's a simple guide.

The Magic Starts at Unsealing the Package

Once you receive the pre-packaged TOKE Joints, the first step is unsealing the packet. Carefully, open it to find three perfectly rolled joints waiting for you. Besides, every TOKE preroll is tipped with a crutch. The crutch serves as an excellent barrier against those unwanted pieces of cannabis that might ruin your fun by getting into your mouth.

Lighting it Up with TOKE

Lighting up a TOKE Preroll doesn't require much effort compared to conventional cones. Just light up one end while gently drawing in air from the crutch tip. In doing so, you’ll ensure an even burn which is a characteristic trait of our prerolls. Remember, TOKE prerolls are designed to burn evenly despite their unique design. It's why they are a favorite for many preroll enthusiasts.

Enjoying Your TOKE Experience


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