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Savor the Versatility with a Pack of TOKE Joints

Experience versatility with TOKE Joints. Offering Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, Purple, Fusion prerolls for every taste!

Experience the TOKE advantage

Choosing TOKE Joints gives you the liberty to relish not just one, but a variety of strains. Each pack contains three joints and presents you with a unique opportunity to sample different strains right from Sativa to Indica, Purple to Fusion and even designer blends. No need to invest in entire batches of a single strain. This way, you can enjoy an assortment of pre-curated experiences, and perhaps discover a new favorite. And remember, TOKE joints are not merely prerolls –they are crafted with such precision that They carry the same diameter throughout, ensuring you a dependable and enjoyable session every time.

The Crutch-Tip Marvel

One of the main features of TOKE Joints is their crutch tip, which is incorporated into the design to significantly enhance the smoking experience. This small, yet crucial feature ensures that the joint burns evenly throughout. No running, no canoeing, just a straight, steady burn from start to finish. Each puff promises a consistent denseness of smoke, all the way down to the crutch. It's these subtle details in design that truly amplify the user experience in a TOKE Joint, making it a must-have for all the preroll enthusiasts who appreciate quality and consistency.

Why TOKE Joints are the Future of Pre-rolls

With TOKE Joints, you are guaranteed a future-forward experience. Since our inception in 2016, we’ve dedicated ourselves to changing the preroll game, focusing not just on the quality of the strains, but also the structure of the joints themselves. Now in our fifth year of operation, we’re proud to have become a staple among preroll enthusiasts who value convenience, quality, and a diversity of experience. Committing to TOKE Joints isn't just about selecting a quality preroll, it's about embracing the evolution of the preroll industry. Ready to join us in the future?


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