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Step into the TOKE Universe with Preroll Joints

Discover TOKE's premium preroll joints. Perfectly-sized, even-burning & uniquely blended for a guaranteed fun experience!

Introducing you to the world of convenience and quality, TOKE joints presents a perfect blend of comfort and experience. With our preroll joints, you get to explore the richness and variety of single strain and designer blend options. Established in 2016, we've consistently prioritized providing an array of options such as Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, Purple, and Fusion, to serve the varying needs and experiences of our customers.

Not Your Average Preroll

Dissimilar to the cones you may be used to, TOKE joints maintain the same diameter throughout. This tiny but significant distinction ensures your experience is reliable, consistent, and always fun. No surprises or uneven burns, just pure enjoyment from beginning to end. We believe in crafting a unique experience, making TOKE joints a representation of the future of prerolls.

A Pack of Three, For Triple the Fun

Crutch-tipped and burning evenly, our prerolls come in packages of three. This packaging method makes storage and transportation more convenient, ensuring you can enjoy your TOKE joints whenever and wherever you please. Recognizing the preroll enthusiasts’ needs for quality and variety, we uphold the highest standards in delivering a ready-to-go package that promises the perfect blend of flavors and effects. Opt for TOKE joints and revolutionize your preroll experience.


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