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Toke a Joint: Your Pass to Unbeatable Cannabis Joy

pre rolls pack

TOKE Joints are all about enhancing your cannabis journey. Established in 2016, TOKE Prerolls have been at the forefront of the pre-rolled cannabis industry, offering the ultimate in convenience, quality, and variety. Each of our offerings, from Sativa to Hybrid, from Indica to Purple, and our unique Fusion range, are tailored to cater to diverse preferences and experiences​ to ensure an unforgettable cannabis journey.

Rethink Pre-Rolls: Uniform Diameter for Even Burn

Forget the cones. At TOKE, we see the future of pre-rolls, and they’re uniformly diametered. Our TOKE Joints, crutch-tipped and packaged snugly three in a pack, ensure an even burn every time. We take great pride in our differentiation from the norm, ensuring that every pull from a TOKE Joint delivers the consistent and premium experience our customers have come to love and expect.

Next-Level Convenience and Joy: Three in a Pack

Opting for TOKE Joints takes your cannabis sessions to a whole new level. Our thoughtfully packed set of three prerolls eliminates the hassle of rolling, leaving more room for enjoyment and social experiences. Contribute to a communal vibe with friends, or treat yourself to a peaceful solo session, knowing that the quality, consistency, and convenience of TOKE Joints are there to back you up. With TOKE Joints, unending cannabis joy is just a puff away.


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