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TOKE Joints - Seamless Transition to Next-Level Prerolls

Let's talk about evolution. In every field, we see certain products or concepts step up, breaking the traditional mold, taking the user experience several notches higher. The world of cannabis is not immune to these groundbreaking inventions, and TOKE Joints stand as testament to these forward leaps.

Elevating Your Cannabis Experience

TOKE Joints take the preroll experience from regular to extraordinary. Established in 2016, we have been fine-tuning our preroll craft, focusing on single strain and designer blend joints, offering varieties like Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, Purple, and Fusion. If there's a type of cannabis experience you enjoy, chances are, we've designed a preroll for it. Equipped with a crutch tip, our joints ensure a smooth, even burn, proving that the smallest details often make the biggest difference.

Why TOKE Joints are the Future

Our prerolls aren't simply cones - they're the future. Redefining convenience and quality, TOKE Joints are designed with an even diameter throughout, hinting towards the thoughtful engineering that goes into every product. No more struggling with inconsistent burns or unmatched flavors. And for the cherry on top? Each pack comes with three, because the only thing better than a well-designed joint, is having two more backups. Welcome to the next level of prerolls with TOKE Joints. A seamless transition, elevating your cannabis journey.


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